PP Valve

The PP valve, which has high chemical resistance that facilitates the transportation of chemical-containing liquids, is a type of valve with a high sealing rate that is resistant to high temperatures and has a wide usage network. PP valve is produced from polypropylene material. It is one of the materials that is used for the safe direction of the liquid to be used and enables the systems used for production to be used more efficiently.

It is used to stop or continue the movement of the fluid in the PP valve. Its configuration and dimensions can be found according to the system to be used. PP valve types used in the heating and cooling lines of many systems also work by preventing pressure losses. PP valve models are widely used in cases where there is medicine in the system, such as pool and agricultural irrigation systems.

PP valve models produced in our Serdrip company are as follows;

  • PP Ball Valve
  • PP Metal Sleeve Ball Valve

What are the Usage Areas of PP Valve?

Having a high durability rate and offering a comfortable use to the user, pp valves have become an indispensable material for many sectors. We can list the usage areas of PP valves as follows:

  • water treatment
  • seawater purification
  • Food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • chemical industry
  • Shipping Industry
  • Pool Industry
  • Agriculture Industry

How is the Use of PP Valves in Agricultural Fields?

PP Valve is an important part for irrigation systems used in agricultural areas for the development of plants. Irrigation systems are used to increase the yield and quality of agriculture and to make water resources sustainable. PP valve is used to keep the flow of liquids used in irrigation systems, which is an important point for agriculture, under control.

PP valves are made of polypropylene materials and are highly resistant to harsh physical conditions in agricultural areas. It helps to make the use of water more effective in agricultural lands and to keep the water flow under control as needed. The use of PP valves in agricultural areas not only increases the efficiency of the irrigation system, but also reduces the costs of the farmer by saving water, and by ensuring more efficient use of water resources, it protects the water balance of nature. However, due to its durability and longevity, it is easy to maintain and provides a low maintenance cost.

What is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic material used in many areas thanks to its resistance to acids and bases. The melting temperature of Polypropylene, which is durable, hard and low-density, is between 130 - 170 °C. Valves used in directing fluids that have differences in their content or physical structure are made of Polypropylene material. PP valve can be used as the most suitable valve in this process.

What are the Properties of Polypropylene?

We can examine the general properties of PP materials, which have many uses, especially irrigation systems, as follows:

  • It is resistant to major impacts.
  • There is no harm in contact with food.
  • It has many uses.
  • It is highly resistant to chemicals, electricity and temperatures.
  • It has low frictional resistance.


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