• Latch Rosary Tee

Technical Specifications

SD042201 ø 75x75
SD042307 ø 90x63
SD042202 ø 90x75
SD042203 ø 90x90
SD042308 ø 110x50
SD042309 ø 110x63
SD042204 ø 110x75
SD042205 ø 110 x90
SD042206 ø 110x110
SD042310 ø 125x50
SD042311 ø 125x63
SD042207 ø 125x75
SD042208 ø 125x90
SD042209 ø 125x110
SD042210 ø 125x125
SD042312 ø 140x75
SD042313 ø 140x90
SD042314 ø 140x110
SD042315 ø 140x125
SD042316 ø 140x140
SD042317 ø 160x75
SD042318 ø 160x90
SD042319 ø 160x110
SD042320 ø 160x125
SD042321 ø 160x140
SD042322 ø 160x160

Product Catalogue

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