• Latch Tee

Technical Specifications

SD042185 ø 75x75
SD042289 ø 90x63
SD042186 ø 90x75
SD042187 ø 90x90
SD042290 ø 110x50
SD042291 ø 110x63
SD042188 ø 110x75
SD042189 ø 110x90
SD042190 ø 110x110
SD042292 ø 125x50
SD042293 ø 125x63
SD042191 ø 125x75
SD042192 ø 125x90
SD042193 ø 125x110
SD042194 ø 125x125
SD042294 ø 140x75
SD042295 ø 140x90
SD042296 ø 140x110
SD042297 ø 140x125
SD042298 ø 140x140
SD042299 ø 160x75
SD042300 ø 160x90
SD042301 ø 160x110
SD042302 ø 160x125
SD042303 ø 160x140
SD042304 ø 160x160

Product Catalogue

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